Monday, August 11, 2008

Contributing To The Democratic Party's 2008 Platform

About a dozen people showed up for the house of Obama's precinct captain for precinct 89 on Saturday July 26th as part of Obama's nationwide Democratic Platform "Listening to America" campaign. Thousands of Obama supporters across the U.S. sent out an open invitation for people to join together to talk about the Democratic Party's 2008 Platform.

On Sunday August 10th the Obama Campaign sent out the following email to participants of those "Listening to America" discussions:

Thank you for participating in a Platform for Change Meeting in your community and for submitting your report.

The Platform Drafting Committee met last weekend in Cleveland, Ohio.

We closely reviewed all 1,200 reports and the message was clear -- Americans are hungry for change on the economy, health care, energy, and the environment.

Other top issues include education, national security, foreign policy, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. . .

We also met with a number of platform meeting attendees to hear their personal stories about the need for a Platform for Change.

Your ideas and your language are being directly incorporated into the platform. And when the final draft is posted online after the convention, your Platform Meeting will be listed as a contributor.

Thanks to the commitment, passion, and energy of ordinary Americans like you, the Listening to America open platform was a resounding success.

Together, we are rewriting how priorities in Washington are set.

Thank you for everything you are doing,


Jeff Berman
National Delegate Director
Obama for America

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