Monday, August 4, 2008

West Texas Wind Turbines

Giant wind turbines are not uncommon in the wide open West Texas plains. But there's a big problem getting that electricity out to the big cities like Dallas and Houston.
Listen to this Marketplace Radio Report:

Tom Daley, Democratic candidate for the U.S. 3rd Texas Congressional District, age 44, and Glenn Melan├žon Democratic candidate for the U.S. 4th Texas Congressional District, age 42, do understand the dramatic revolution to American industry, white and blue collar job availability and personal life style that 21st century clean alternative energy technologies can bring to a 21st century America and Texas. Both Democratic congressional candidates, whose districts meet down the middle of Collin County, stand with U.S. Senate Democratic Candidate for Texas, Rick Noriega, and the Democratic Presidential candidate, Barack Obama, for the deployment of clean alternative energy technologies for a better America and a better Texas.

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