Monday, August 4, 2008

WaPo: GOP Tries To Scare New Voters Away From the Polls

The Washington Post - Editorial Section, "In Virgina, as in other states, loads of first-time voters are registering to cast ballots in the fall elections . . . As registration drives accelerate, including those run by the Barack Obama campaign and its allies, it's no wonder that Republicans are increasingly anxious about retaining their hold on a state that GOP presidential candidates have carried since 1968. What is surprising is their utterly baseless charge of "coordinated and widespread voter fraud" . . . The allegation of a "very serious and troubling trend" of registration fraud is unsupported by election officials, police or prosecutors. It is couched in the toxic language of gauzy innuendo, insidious suggestion and simple fear." Read the rest of the story in the WaPo.

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