Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Perry Adviser Likens Hutchison's Campaign Camp To A "Whorehouse"

Women supporting Kay Bailey Hutchison's run for the Texas governor's mansion are demanding an apology from Rick Perry for remarks that they say disparage women. In a letter to the Perry camp, the women accuse political adviser Dave Carney of likening Hutchison's campaign camp to a "whorehouse." Read more in the DMN

As if Perry hasn't been prostituting himself to religious social-conservatives with his high-profile support for a "Choose Life" license plate motto, high-profile criticism of "Washington" and Obama's economic stimulus legislation, refusal of federal stimulus money for jobless benefits, conservative talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh to move to Texas, teaching only "abstinence" sex education in Texas schools, teaching creation in public schools by appointing a young earth (earth age only 6,000 years) creationist as chairman of the Texas State Board of Education and preventing stem cell research in Texas.

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