Thursday, May 21, 2009

DNC Chairman Tim Kaine,The Eyes Of The DNC Are Upon Texas

Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Gov. Tim Kaine made a swing through North Texas Wednesday to meet and greet Organizing for North Texas volunteers at the Iron Cactus in downtown Dallas.

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While DNC Chair Kaine was in the area, Shawn Stevens, former Democratic Party of Collin County Vice Chair, asked Kaine to encourage President Obama to produce a short video vignette for distribution to North Texas activists to emphasize the importance of their continued involvement in local politics and party support. Stevens says, "DNC Chair Kaine liked the idea and said he would take it back for consideration."

Organizing for North Texas is a grassroots group that works with Organizing for America (OFA) in the DFW area. Organizing for America, the legacy successor to Obama's 2008 campaign organization, is now operated by the DNC.

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