Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Republicans Eliminating The Straight Party Vote Option

The Republican authored bill (SB 317) that would limit voters' choices by denying them the ability to cast a straight party vote was placed on the Senate intent calendar today. (During a regular session, a bill or joint resolution may be brought up for floor debate out of its regular order by filling a notice of intent the secretary of the senate.) So, SB 317 is up for debate and a possible vote on the Senate floor on Wednesday.

Texas voters, both Democrats and Republicans, have already sent a message to Texas legislators that they oppose SB 317 by voting the straight party option in record numbers during the last election. Yet, Republican proponents of this legislation suggest that a voter who casts a straight party ticket is somehow making a less educated choice than a voter who makes their selections one race at a time.

Call your State Senators and let them know you want to keep your straight party vote option. Ironically, in Collin County, Republican voters choose to cast a straight party vote in greater numbers than Democrats.

Click Here to find your State Senator's contact information.

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