Sunday, October 19, 2008

Go Vote NOW!

Early Voting runs from 8AM October 20 to 7PM October 31 at several locations in Collin County and every other county in Texas. You can vote at any early voting polling place in your county of residence.

Unofficially, it is estimated that the Collin County elections office had nearly 424,000 registered voters by Oct 15, 2008 with a backlog of unprocessed registration requests. The final number will likely approach 430,000 registered voters in Collin County for the November 2008 election. This compares to approximately 381,000 register voters for the March 2008 primary election and 369,412 register voters for the November 2004 election.

In the November 2004 election 246,617 (66.8%) of the 369,412 register voters cast a ballot in that presidential election. 150,001, or 40.6% of 2004 registered voters, cast their ballot during early voting voting of that year.

If the same 2004 percentages of registered voters cast ballots in the 2008 November election, then 284,395 votes will be cast in the entire election, 172,979 votes will be cast during early voting and 111,416 votes will be cast on November 4th, Election Day, in Collin County, assuming the final registered voter count stands at 426,000.

On the higher end of the projections, with a registration count of 426,000 voters, if there is a 80% total turnout with a 47.8% early vote turnout, then 340,800 total votes will be cast for the entire election with 203,628 votes cast during early voting and 137,172 votes cast on November 4th, Election Day, in Collin County. (It is my personal opinion that the higher turnout projection is the more likely scenario. In fact, I will not be surprised if the turnout percentages turn out to be even be a bit higher than suggested here.)

I strongly recommend that if you are a new first time voter who has just registered, you should vote early this year. If there has been any minor snafu in processing your voter registration application, it is usually much easier for the Election Judge to help you resolve the snafu during the early voting period. Every voter, particularly first time voters, should check their registration status on the Collin County or Texas Secretary of State website before going to the polling place to stand in line to vote. If you do not find your name in the voter registration database, you can call the elections office from home to resolve the problem. Check your registration status through the Collin County website here. Check your registration status through the Texas Secretary of State website here.

Please remember to take your Voter's Registration Card with you to the early voting polling place when you vote.

Please DO NOT cut the bar code off of the orange card - election clerks can use the bar code to electronically verify your voter registration status, which makes the voting lines move much faster for everyone!!!

Did you receive your Orange Voter's Registration Card? If you did not receive an orange registration card during 2008, your voting registration record may have been "suspended" or "purged." Check your registration status here.

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