Monday, October 20, 2008

Big Texas Turnout On First Day Of Early Voting

Dallas Morning News
By PAUL J. WEBER / 10/20/2008
Associated Press - Record numbers of early voters packed polling locations from Houston to El Paso on Monday in what officials said could likely be the start of an unprecedented election turnout in Texas.

Anxious voters, many with the nation's crumbling economy on their minds, smashed first-day early voting records before lunchtime...

"If it sustains and continues through the 12-day (early voting) period like this, there's not going to be anything close to compare it to," said Bruce Sherbet, Dallas County's elections administrator.

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Firsthand I can say that first day turnout at at least one Collin County early voting station was very high - Higher than even I anticipated, and I had predicted a blockbuster first day. I had previously posted:
On the higher end of the projections, with a registration count of 426,000 voters, if there is a 80% total turnout with a 47.8% early vote turnout, then 340,800 total votes will be cast for the entire election with 203,628 votes cast during early voting and 137,172 votes cast on November 4th, Election Day, in Collin County. (It is my personal opinion that the higher turnout projection is the more likely scenario. In fact, I will not be surprised if the turnout percentages turn out to be even be a bit higher than suggested here.)
After today I'm starting to think this higher end projection is not nearly high enough!

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