Sunday, November 15, 2015

Democrats Offer Real Leadship Choices For President

Democrats offer America real leadership choices that have everything to do with temperament, personality, and a realistic view of America and the world. In stark contrast to the Republican held a few days earlier on Fox News, Democrats had another interesting, policy-oriented civil debate. Full video below the fold.

Dem Debate Part 1: Candidates address Paris attacks, ISIS

Dem Debate Part 2 - The Economy

Dem Debate Part 3 - Domestic Agenda

Dem Debate Part 4 - Wall Street, gun control

Dem Debate Part 5 - Race, emails, and elect-ability

Dem Debate Part 5 - Race, emails, and elect-ability

The Democratic candidates may disagree on issue details, but on the basic policies, they are in agreement. Whoever the voters choose as the Democratic Party's presidential nominee, all are quality candidates.

Online polls on who won this debate say Sanders won, but traditional phone based polls say Clinton won.

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