Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Secret

Political awareness
Will at times to you bestow
A sense of purpose, bold and bright
And with it you must show
That working with each other
We can watch our nation grow
That all our lives are sacred
And as such it's apropos
To organize and make allies
So we can overthrow
Those small of heart who make an art
Of selling status quo
When we stand up all together
We will end their puppet show

If at times you're troubled
And your knowledge brings you woe
And darkness everywhere abounds
And hope is running low
Pay heed this little secret
Every activist should know
Take comfort in community
Help others and you'll glow
Our service unto others
With a smile and bright hello
Becomes a brilliant beacon
Eyes and minds will open so
Our work will lend us credence
And our base will surely grow

- Michael Messer,

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