Saturday, November 17, 2012

Collin Co. Election Day Vote Center Follow Up

by Michael Handley

Collin County had countywide "Voting Center" polling locations on Election Day, November 6th, 2012.  Election Day Vote Centers worked like Early Voting polling locations where voters living anywhere in Collin County could vote at any of the 67 Voting Centers open around the county on Election Day.

This is a follow up to our November 5th article, Collin Co. Election Day Vote "Anywhere" Centers.  A few locations had wait lines during the day and through out the entire day.  Plano's Carpenter Park Recreation Center location opened with approximately 150 people already waiting in line. The last person to join that line at 7:00 a.m. Tuesday morning, as the Judge called "the polls are open," waited about 70 minutes to vote.  The Carpenter Park Recreation Center wait line ranged from over 70 minutes to about 40 minutes through out the day. About 140 people were waiting in line at that location at 7:00 p.m. Tuesday evening, when the Judge called "the polls are closed." The last person in that closing line voted at 7:50 p.m.

Posted below the "Read more »" jump are the Vote Center ePollBook voter check-in counts. This count does not include manually processed provisional ballots or voters who surrendered their vote by mail ballot to the Election Judges, so they could cast an in-person ballot.

Nov. 6, 2012 Election Day
Vote Center Location
Akin Elementary School 827
Aldridge Elem School 048 1,454
Allen Municipal Complex 501 2,668
Armstrong Middle School 906
Benton Staley Middle School 682
Blue Ridge ISD Admin. 717
Bowman Middle School 911
Boys & Girls Club Douglass Branch 202
Brinker Elementary School 973
Carpenter Middle School 1,708
Carpenter Park Recreation Ctr 601 1,878
CC McKinney Campus 043 1,830
CC Preston Ridge Campus 117 2,978
CC Spring Creek Campus 050 1,705
Celina ISD Admin Building 730
Christ United Methodist Church 2,788
Clark High School 1,747
Clark Middle School 874
Collin College Higher Education 606
Collin County Elections 1,221
Community ISD Technology 523
Cooper Fitness Center Craig Ranch 583
Cox Elementary School 788
Dr. Pepper Star Center 845
Eldorado Country Club 1,281
FC Dallas Stadium 384
Fire Station #7 172 1,011
First Baptist Church - Farmersville 907
First Baptist Church- Branch 299
Ford Middle School 1,747
Fowler Middle School 1,433
Frisco High School 891
Frisco Senior Center 194 360
Harrington Library 1,548
John & Judy Gay Library 1,593
John Q. Hammons Center 1,436
Josephine City Hall 144
Lavon City Hall 496
Liberty High School 796
Lovejoy ISD HS Aux. Gym 1,055
Lowry Crossing City Hall 285
Lucas City Hall 041 768
Maribelle M. Davis Library 3,046
McKinney Senior Rec. Center 002 584
Melissa City Hall 1,061
Mitchell Elementary School 024 1,269
Murphy City Hall 025 2,378
Old Settlers Recreation Center 467
Parker Community Center 496
Parr Library 1,996
PISD Admin Blvd 1,648
Plano Senior Center 924
Princeton High School 970
Renner-Frankford Library 074 2,102
Reynolds Middle School 1,388
Roach Middle School 1,091
Rose Haggar Elementary School 036 846
Ruth Cherry Intermediate School 268
Ruth Dowell Middle School 012 1,529
Seis Lagos Utility Dristrict 344
Shepton High School 1,478
Stonebridge United Methodist 1,801
Suncreek United Methodist 1,951
Texas Star Bank 1,107
Weston Community Center 293
Woodcreek Church 1,725
Wylie Municipal Library 2,369
Total 79,709

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