Thursday, November 15, 2012

Changes For SDEC Committeewoman Linda Magid

Dear Friends:

As we experience and express our joy and gratitude that President Obama was reelected, I must share some disappointing news. My husband accepted a job in San Antonio and we are moving at the end of December. It was a very difficult decision to make in part because I will have to resign from my position as your SDEC representative, but ultimately it is the right one for our family.
Linda Magid with Sen. Wendy Davis at
the 2012 State Democratic Convention
You know how much I love being on the SDEC and helping you make Texas a Democratic state again. It has been my honor to serve as your representative and to bring my abilities and skills to the Texas Democratic Party. I intend to work with the TDP in finding a new place for me where I can continue to make a difference.

Soon SD8 will elect my replacement and I trust you to choose someone with the same commitment that I have to representing all of SD8 and to give you what you need to win. As well, you have a champion in SD 8 Committeeman James White who continues to find new ways to grow the Party locally and work with you all toward Democratic success.

Thank you for trusting me to represent you. I wish you all of the best.


Linda MagidEditor's Note:

Linda Magid has served as the State Democratic Executive Committee (SDEC) Committeewomen for SD 8 for nearly three years, serving as a member of the SDEC's Grassroots Committee until this year.

In recognition of her advocacy on the Grassroots Committee for Texas Democratic Party state and county organizations to use Internet and mobile social media communication channels to rebuild and mobilize the Texas Democratic base, Linda was elected Chair of the newly created SDEC Communications Committee in July 2012.

Linda has been a member of the Texas Democratic Women of Collin County since 2008, serving on the TDWCC Board in 2009, is a Sustaining Member of the Texas Democratic Party and a team member of the Common Purpose Project.

In her capacity as Committeewoman for SD 8, Linda organized both the 2010 and 2012 Collin County Democratic Conventions. This year, she was elected by County Convention SD 8 delegates to chair of the Senate District 8 delegation to 2012 Democratic State Convention.   In 2008, Linda was Campaign Manager for Tom Daley, Democratic Candidate for U.S. House, District 3 and has provided support to several candidate campaigns on a volunteer basis over the 2010 and 2012 election cycles.

Linda has been a contributing writer and editor to the Democratic Blog News from early 2009.  I have also worked with her supporting candidate campaigns and helping to organize the last two Collin County Democratic Conventions and SD 8 Delegation to the 2012 Democratic State Convention.

Linda has been my good friend and political activist colleague helping to champion my cause to promote the use of Internet and mobile social media communication channels to mobilize and organize a new Democratic grassroots base in Collin County and across Texas.   (Landline Gap and Communicating with Social Media @ ePolitics)   

The community of progressives in Collin County will miss Linda's dedicated activism, but Collin County's loss is Bexar County's gain. I am certain Linda will continue to support Texas Democrats in her new home, Bexar County.     

Currently, Linda is a freelance writer for online publications. Linda is married to Jonathan Magid and mother to Lillian, who turned eight last spring.

AdiĆ³s y buena suerte mi amiga,
Michael Handley ~ Publisher and Managing Editor, Democratic Blog News 

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