Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Texas Judge Halts Faulty Dead Voter Purge

State Court Judge Tim Sulak in Austin temporarily barred the Secretary of State's office from ordering county election officials to purge voters from registration rolls, who are listed on the state's highly inaccurate dead voter report. Judge Tim Sulak agreed with plaintiffs that the purge this close to election day may violate state and federal election code.

The ruling came in a lawsuit filed today by four very much alive Texas voters who were told they would be purged from the voter registration rolls as deceased. They asked Judge Sulak to stop the state from striking about 77,000 names from the rolls, arguing the plan violates the U.S. Voting Rights Act and Texas election code.

The secretary of state is “restrained from further instructing the counties to remove any other names from the voter rolls,” Judge Sulak said in his order. “Plaintiffs are entitled to temporary injunctive relief.” He also barred the secretary of state from ordering county officials to remove from the rolls any voters who failed to “timely comply” with the dead voter notice letters already mailed out.

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