Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Collin County Primary Results

By the end of primary election day the 435,397 registered voters in Collin County had cast 54,901 ballots in the Democratic and Republican primaries for a 12.6% voter turnout.

5,676 of those ballots were cast in the Democratic Primary and 49,225 Republican Primary ballots were cast. 22,644 Republican ballots and 2,645 Democratic ballots were counted for Election Day - including vote by mail ballots. Between both parties a total of 1,640 vote by mail ballots were cast with the majority being cast for the Republican primary.

The primary took place under interim district maps ordered by a San Antonio federal district court earlier this year while the maps passed by the 2011 Texas legislature and signed by Gov. Rick Perry continue under "preclearance" review by a Washington, D.C. District Court.

Under Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, Texas is one of eight states with a history of discrimination that submit congressional redistricting proposals to either the Justice Department or a D.C. court preclearance before they can take effect.

Texas Republicans are threatening redraw the redistricting maps during the 2013 Texas legislative session. GOP Primary voters approved their party's Primary Ballot Proposition #5 that reads, "Redistricting - The Texas Legislature should redraw the court-imposed lines for Congress and State legislative districts in its upcoming session in order to remedy inequities.

As did the rest of Texas, Collin County voters split their votes for the U.S. Senate candidates listed on the Democratic and Republican ballots.

Paul Sadler, the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, led a four-person field in the Democratic primary and will continue his quest for nomination in a July 31 runoff –part of an election in which labor-backed candidates performed strongly.

In the runoff, Sadler will face Grady Yarbrough, who is a “perennial candidate” who has run for office in the past as a Republican, according to the AP. The Yarbrough name is vaguely familiar to many Texas Democrats and many voters probably confused Grady Yarbrough for Ken Yarbrough, the Democratic Representative for House District 138 who served in the Texas House from 1993 to 2003. Sean Hubbard, the Democratic newcomer, who had been expected by some pundits to make a US Senate runoff, finished second in Collin County, but last in the field across all of Texas.

Collin Co. Primary Results for the U.S. Senate Seat
Democratic Primary
Republican Primary
Candidate Votes %
Candidate Votes %
Paul Sadler 1,988 40.6%
Ted Cruz 16,578 35.4%
Sean Hubbard 1,033 21.1%
David Dewhurst 14,331 30.6%
Addie Dainell Allen 1,005 20.5%
Tom Leppert 12,640 27.0%
Grady Yarbrough 866 17.7%
Craig James 1994 4.2%

In the Republican primary for the U.S, Senate seat, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst was forced into a runoff against Tea Party darling Ted Cruz, a lawyer, despite spending millions of dollars of his own money on the campaign. Pundits noted that Cruz did better on Election Day than in the early vote, suggesting he has momentum. Dewhurst led Cruz, 45-34, among 1.4 million Republican voters across all of Texas in a combative campaign, but Cruz won Collin Co.

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst has 45 percent of the Texas wide vote, followed by former state Solicitor General Ted Cruz with 34 percent, and former Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert in third place with 13 percent, according to the Associated Press. Dewhurst came up just short of the 50 percent threshold needed to win the nomination outright. The runoff between Dewhurst and Cruz will be held on July 31.

The seat is being vacated by Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, who is retiring after three terms, during which she unsuccessfully challenged Gov. Rick Perry in his 2010 primary. Dewhurst has the support of Perry — who despite his national flameout in the GOP presidential primary, remains a powerful force in Texas — as well as former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee. Cruz, considered the race’s tea party candidate, has attracted right-wing support from the likes of Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC), Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), Sarah Palin and others.

The Republican race for Hutchison's Senate seat got hot in the home stretch of the primary. Dewhurst attacked Cruz on “amnesty for illegal immigrants,” based on Cruz’s board member posts in two national groups. Though the radio ad does not specify the groups, the Houston Chronicle reports that they are the Hispanic Leadership Fund and the Hispanic Alliance for Prosperity Institute. Cruz retaliated, accusing Dewhurst of race-baiting. As the Austin American-Statesman reported, Cruz accused Dewhurst’s campaign of thinking that “anyone with a ‘Z’ in their name is unelectable.”

For the State House District 67 race with Republican candidates John Pitchford, Roger Burns, Jeran Akers, Jeff Leach, and Jon Cole, the top two vote-getters Jon Cole with 32 percent and Jeff Leach with 30 percent of the total vote will face-off in the July 31 runoff. No Democrats are seeking the seat, meaning the winner of the runoff will likely win in November. Retiring State Representative Jerry Madden, who held the seat for two decades has endorsed for House District 67 Runoff.

McKinney resident Scott Sanford defeated Bracy Wilson in the Republican primary for Texas House District 70 seat. With no Democratic challenger, Sanford will go to Austin for the 83rd Legislature in January.

Republican Craig Estes defeated Jim Herblin for the State Senate District 30 seat, Republican Chris Hill defeated Ray Eckenrode for Collin County Commissioners Court Precinct 3 with Republicans, and Democrat Shawn Stevens defeated John Lingenfelder for Democratic Party of Collin County Chair.

Here is a list of Texas Primary Results.


Barack Obama (incumbent), Dem

Mitt Romney, GOP

U.S. Senate

Paul Sadler, Dem -- Advances to runoff

Grady Yarbrough, Dem -- Advances to runoff

Ted Cruz, GOP -- Advances to runoff

David Dewhurst, GOP -- Advances to runoff

U.S. House - District 3

Sam Johnson (incumbent), GOP

U.S. House - District 4

Ralph Hall (incumbent), GOP

U.S. House - District 5

Tom Berry, Dem -- Advances to runoff

Linda Mrosko, Dem -- Advances to runoff

U.S. House - District 6

Kenneth Sanders, Dem

Joe Barton (incumbent), GOP

U.S. House - District 7

James Cargas, Dem -- Advances to runoff

Lissa Squiers, Dem -- Advances to runoff

U.S. House - District 7

John Culberson (incumbent), GOP

U.S. House - District 8

Kevin Brady (incumbent), GOP

U.S. House - District 10

Tawana Cadien, Dem

Michael McCaul (incumbent), GOP

U.S. House - District 11

Mike Conaway (incumbent), GOP

U.S. House - District 12

Kay Granger (incumbent), GOP

U.S. House - District 13

Mac Thornberry (incumbent), GOP

U.S. House - District 14

Nick Lampson, Dem

Felicia Harris, GOP -- Advances to runoff

Randy Weber, GOP -- Advances to runoff

U.S. House - District 15

Ruben Hinojosa (incumbent), Dem

Dale Brueggemann, GOP -- Advances to runoff

Eddie Zamora, GOP -- Advances to runoff

U.S. House - District 16

Beto O'Rourke, Dem

Barbara Carrasco, GOP

U.S. House - District 17

Bill Flores (incumbent), GOP

U.S. House - District 19

Randy Neugebauer (incumbent), GOP

U.S. House - District 21

Candace Duval, Dem

Lamar Smith (incumbent), GOP

U.S. House - District 22

Kesha Rogers, Dem

Pete Olson (incumbent), GOP

U.S. House - District 23

Pete Gallego, Dem -- Advances to runoff

Ciro Rodriguez, Dem -- Advances to runoff

U.S. House - District 24

Kenny Marchant (incumbent), GOP

U.S. House - District 25

Wes Riddle, GOP -- Advances to runoff

Roger Williams, GOP -- Advances to runoff

U.S. House - District 27

Rose Harrison, Dem -- Advances to runoff

Jerry Trevino, Dem -- Advances to runoff

Blake Farenthold (incumbent), GOP

U.S. House - District 30

Eddie Bernice Johnson (incumbent), Dem

U.S. House - District 31

John Carter (incumbent), GOP

U.S. House - District 32

Katherine McGovern, Dem

U.S. House - District 33

Domingo Garcia, Dem -- Advances to runoff

Marc Veasey, Dem -- Advances to runoff

Chuck Bradley, GOP

U.S. House - District 34

Denise Blanchard, Dem -- Advances to runoff

Filemon Vela, Dem -- Advances to runoff

Jessica Bradshaw, GOP -- Advances to runoff

Adela Garza, GOP -- Advances to runoff

U.S. House - District 35

Lloyd Doggett (incumbent), Dem

Susan Narvaiz, GOP

U.S. House - District 36

Steve Stockman, GOP -- Advances to runoff

Stephen Takach, GOP -- Advances to runoff

Railroad Commissioner - Term Exp 2012

Warren Chisum, GOP -- Advances to runoff

Christi Craddick, GOP -- Advances to runoff

Railroad Commissioner - Unexpired Term

Greg Parker, GOP -- Advances to runoff

Barry Smitherman (incumbent), GOP -- Advances to runoff

Supreme Court - Place 2

Don Willett (incumbent), GOP

Supreme Court - Place 4

John Devine, GOP -- Advances to runoff

David Medina, GOP -- Advances to runoff

State Board of Education - District 1

Martha Dominguez, Dem

State Board of Education - District 2

Ruben Cortez, Dem -- Advances to runoff

Celeste Sanchez, Dem -- Advances to runoff

Laurie Turner, GOP

State Board of Education - District 3

Marisa Perez, Dem

State Board of Education - District 5

Ken Mercer (incumbent), GOP

State Board of Education - District 6

Traci Jensen, Dem

State Board of Education - District 7

David Bradley (incumbent), GOP

State Board of Education - District 8

Dexter Smith, Dem

Barbara Cargill (incumbent), GOP

State Board of Education - District 9

Thomas Ratliff (incumbent), GOP

State Board of Education - District 10

Tom Maynard, GOP -- Advances to runoff

Rebecca Osborne, GOP -- Advances to runoff

State Board of Education - District 12

Tincy Miller, GOP -- Advances to runoff

Gail Spurlock, GOP -- Advances to runoff

State Board of Education - District 14

Sue Melton, GOP

State Board of Education - District 15

Marty Rowley, GOP

State Senate - District 3

Robert Nichols (incumbent), GOP

State Senate - District 4

Tommy Williams (incumbent), GOP

State Senate - District 5

Charles Schwertner, GOP

State Senate - District 9

Kelly Hancock, GOP

State Senate - District 10

Mark Shelton, GOP

State Senate - District 11

Larry Taylor, GOP

State Senate - District 25

Donna Campbell, GOP -- Advances to runoff

Jeff Wentworth (incumbent), GOP -- Advances to runoff

State Senate - District 28

Robert Duncan (incumbent), GOP

State Senate - District 30

Craig Estes (incumbent), GOP

State Senate - District 31

Kel Seliger (incumbent), GOP

State House - District 2

Dan Flynn (incumbent), GOP

State House - District 3

Cecil Bell, GOP

State House - District 4

Lance Gooden (incumbent), GOP

State House - District 5

Bryan Hughes (incumbent), GOP

State House - District 6

Matt Schaefer, GOP

State House - District 7

David Simpson (incumbent), GOP

State House - District 8

Byron Cook (incumbent), GOP

State House - District 9

Chris Paddie, GOP

State House - District 10

Jim Pitts (incumbent), GOP

State House - District 11

Travis Clardy, GOP -- Advances to runoff

Chuck Hopson (incumbent), GOP -- Advances to runoff

State House - District 12

Tucker Anderson, GOP -- Advances to runoff

State House - District 14

John Raney (incumbent), GOP

State House - District 15

Steve Toth, GOP

State House - District 18

John Otto (incumbent), GOP

State House - District 19

James White (incumbent), GOP

State House - District 21

Allan Ritter (incumbent), GOP

State House - District 23

Wayne Faircloth, GOP -- Advances to runoff

Bill Wallace, GOP -- Advances to runoff

State House - District 24

Greg Bonnen, GOP -- Advances to runoff

Ryan Sitton, GOP -- Advances to runoff

State House - District 26

Jacquie Chaumette, GOP -- Advances to runoff

Rick Miller, GOP -- Advances to runoff

State House - District 29

Ed Thompson, GOP

State House - District 33

Scott Turner, GOP

State House - District 35

Oscar Longoria, Dem

State House - District 37

Rene Oliveira (incumbent), Dem

State House - District 39

Mando Martinez (incumbent), Dem

State House - District 40

Terry Canales, Dem -- Advances to runoff

Auggie Hernandez, Dem -- Advances to runoff

State House - District 41

Miriam Martinez, GOP

State House - District 43

Yvonne Gonzalez Toureilles, Dem

J. M. Lozano, GOP -- Advances to runoff

Bill Wilson, GOP -- Advances to runoff

State House - District 47

Paul Workman (incumbent), GOP

State House - District 53

Harvey Hilderbran (incumbent), GOP

State House - District 55

Ralph Sheffield (incumbent), GOP

State House - District 56

Charles Anderson (incumbent), GOP

State House - District 57

Trent Ashby, GOP

State House - District 59

Sid Miller (incumbent), GOP -- Advances to runoff

J. D. Sheffield, GOP -- Advances to runoff

State House - District 64

Myra Crownover (incumbent), GOP

State House - District 65

Ron Simmons, GOP

State House - District 67

Jon Cole, GOP -- Advances to runoff

Jeff Leach, GOP -- Advances to runoff

State House - District 68

Trent McKnight, GOP -- Advances to runoff

Drew Springer, GOP -- Advances to runoff

State House - District 70

Scott Sanford, GOP

State House - District 73

Doug Miller (incumbent), GOP

State House - District 74

Poncho Nevarez, Dem

Thomas Kincaid, GOP

State House - District 75

Mary Gonzalez, Dem

State House - District 77

Marisa Marquez (incumbent), Dem

State House - District 80

Tracy King (incumbent), Dem

State House - District 83

Charles Perry (incumbent), GOP

State House - District 85

Phil Stephenson, GOP

State House - District 88

Ken King, GOP -- Advances to runoff

Jim Landtroop (incumbent), GOP -- Advances to runoff

State House - District 90

Lon Burnam (incumbent), Dem

State House - District 91

Stephanie Klick, GOP -- Advances to runoff

Ken Sapp, GOP -- Advances to runoff

State House - District 92

Jonathan Strickland, GOP

State House - District 93

Matt Krause, GOP

State House - District 94

Diane Patrick (incumbent), GOP

State House - District 95

Nicole Collier, Dem -- Advances to runoff

Jesse Gaines, Dem -- Advances to runoff

State House - District 96

Bill Zedler (incumbent), GOP

State House - District 97

Craig Goldman, GOP

State House - District 98

Giovanni Capriglione, GOP

State House - District 101

Chris Turner, Dem

State House - District 106

Pat Fallon, GOP

State House - District 110

Toni Rose, Dem

State House - District 114

Bill Keffer, GOP -- Advances to runoff

Jason Villalba, GOP -- Advances to runoff

State House - District 115

Steve Nguyen, GOP -- Advances to runoff

Bennett Ratliff, GOP -- Advances to runoff

State House - District 117

Philip Cortez, Dem -- Advances to runoff

Tina Torres, Dem -- Advances to runoff

State House - District 121

Joe Straus (incumbent), GOP

State House - District 125

Justin Rodriguez, Dem

State House - District 127

Dan Huberty (incumbent), GOP

State House - District 129

John Davis (incumbent), GOP

State House - District 131

Alma Allen (incumbent), Dem

State House - District 132

Bill Callegari (incumbent), GOP

State House - District 133

Jim Murphy (incumbent), GOP

State House - District 136

Tony Dale, GOP

State House - District 137

Gene Wu, Dem -- Advances to runoff

State House - District 138

Dwayne Bohac (incumbent), GOP

State House - District 143

Doug Weiskopf, GOP

State House - District 144

Mary Ann Perez, Dem

David Pineda, GOP

State House - District 146

Borris Miles (incumbent), Dem

State House - District 147

Garnet Coleman (incumbent), Dem

State House - District 149

Dianne Williams, GOP

State House - District 150

Debbie Riddle (incumbent), GOP

Appeals Court - 8th - Chief Justice - Unexpired

Ann McClure (incumbent), Dem

Appeals Court - 10th - Chief Justice

Tom Gray (incumbent), GOP

Appeals Court - 3rd - Place 3

Scott Field, GOP

Appeals Court - 4th - Place 7

Rebeca Martinez, Dem

Appeals Court - 5th - Place 2

David Evans, GOP -- Advances to runoff

Bill Whitehill, GOP -- Advances to runoff

Appeals Court - 5th - Place 9

David Lewis, GOP

Appeals Court - 6th - Place 2

Bailey Moseley, GOP

Appeals Court - 8th - Place 2

Marcos Lizarraga, Dem -- Advances to runoff

Yvonne Rodriguez, Dem -- Advances to runoff

Appeals Court - 11th - Place 2 - Unexpired Term

Mike Willson, GOP

Appeals Court - 13th - Place 4

Bradford Condit, GOP

Dem Proposition - 1 - In-State Status

In Favor,

Dem Proposition - 2 - Affordable Colleges

In Favor,

Dem Proposition - 3 - Legalize Casinos

In Favor,

GOP Proposition - 1 - School Choice

In Favor,

GOP Proposition - 2 - Federal Budget

In Favor,

GOP Proposition - 3 - Public Prayer

In Favor,

GOP Proposition - 4 - Limit Spending

In Favor,

GOP Proposition - 5 - Redraw Districts

In Favor,

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