Saturday, May 19, 2012

Volunteer Today To Help Your Fellow Texans Vote Next Tuesday!

by Michael Handley

Many Americans have come to reject politics, because they are tired of "blame the other guy" us against them politics.

But Collin County Democrats have an opportunity to find common cause and join with their fellow Democrats in a very positive and personal way as we approach primary election day. You can help your fellow Democrats exercise their right to vote.

The Democratic Party of Collin County needs your help on Election Day, Tuesday, May 29. If you are registered to vote in Collin County you can serve as an Election Judge, Alternate Judge, or Election Clerk on Election Day at polling locations across the county. If you can, please take this opportunity to serve your community and support your neighbors and fellow Democrats by helping them exercise their right to vote.

Volunteer today to be an Election Judge, Alt Judge or Clerk by calling or emailing the Primary Elections Administrator for the Democratic Party of Collin County at phone number (972) 578-1483 or email address

If you reside in another Texas County, contact the Democratic Party office for your county today and volunteer to serve your community on Election Day!

With election day little more than week away, both Democratic Party and Republican Party election officials across Texas are struggling to find election workers to staff May 29 Election Day polling places.

The four-month primary election delay from the lengthy legal battle over redistricting pushed the primaries — normally held on the first Tuesday in March — to May 29, just a few weeks after the May 12 municipal and school district elections, and a day after the Memorial Day holiday. This all has left a shortage of people available to work the polls on Election Day.

With the election worker pay of just $8 an hour, officials in both parties are struggling to lure enough people to serve as Judges, Alternate Judges and Clerks at the 66 voting locations — each of which requires three to six workers from each party — across Collin County, and at polling locations in every Texas county. The problem is that many of the parties' regular poll workers are busy with school ending the same week or have scheduled vacations.

For the primary election, each party is required to appoint one presiding judge, one alternate judge, and a minimum of one clerk to assist in operating each polling location. Busy voting locations require two or more clerks to process the flow of voters. The basic responsibilities of Election Day workers include greeting and assisting each voter as they come into the polling place as well as verifying the eligibility of voters. Training is provided and the work time is compensated. Election Day workers should be available to work a minimum of 12 hours on Election Day.


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