Friday, May 16, 2008

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Please vote early this year - you'll be glad you did. Please remember to take your Voter's Registration Card with you to the early voting polling place when you vote and PLEASE DO NOT cut the bar code off of the orange card - election clerks can use the bar code to electronically verify your voter registration status, which makes the voting lines move much faster for everyone!!!

Did you receive your 2008 Orange Voter's Registration Card? If you did not receive an orange registration card during 2008, your voting registration record may have been "suspended" or "canceled." Check your registration status here. If you are not yet registered to vote, get your Voter's Registration application here.

Note: Your Precinct Number, U.S. Congressional District Number, County Commissioner Precinct Number and other important information can be found on your 2008 Orange Voter's Registration Card.

Full Election Information and Links

Touchscreen Voting: A How to Guide for Collin Co. Early Voters

Check Election Day Polling Places

Democratic Candidates Whose Name Will Appear On Collin County Election Ballots.

09/05/08 - First day to apply for ballot by mail
10/06/08 - Last day to register (for this election)
10/20/08 - First day of early voting
10/28/08 - Last day to apply for ballot by mail**
10/31/08 - Last day of early voting
11/04/08 -
General Election Day
** Ballot by mail application must be received in the Elections Office by this date.

Full Election Information and Links

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