Tuesday, October 23, 2012

2012 Early Voting In Collin Co. Starts Brisk

At the end of the first days of 2012 early voting in Collin County, the vote count was running well ahead of 2008 early voting. This year, 16,531 people voted in-person on day one, 18,063 people voted on day two and 16,673 people voted on day three  of early voting.  Plus, 4,997 vote by mail ballots had been returned to the Collin County Early Voting Clerk by the second day of early voting.

In 2008, 13,900 people voted on the first day, 15,356 people voted on day two and 15,563 people voted on day three of early voting in Collin Co.
Collin Co. November General Election
Election Year 2008 2012
Total Population 760,013 927,466
Registered Voters  425,994 460,000
Voting Age Population (VAP) 547,209 667,776
Percentage of VAP Registered 77.8% 68.9%
Total Turnout 298,647 317,400
Early Turnout In-Person 211,637 225,037
Percent Early 70.9% 70.9%
Election Day Turnout In-Person 75,009 79,350
Percent Election Day 25.1% 25.0%
Vote By Mail Turnout 11,834 12,696
Percent VBM 4.0% 4.0%
Percent of Turnout to Registered 70.1% 69.0%
Percent of Turnout to VAP 54.6% 47.5%

According to Texas DSHS Center for Health Statistics population estimates, Collin Co. has grown to 927,466 residents during 2012, with approximately 72 percent of that number representing voting age persons.

The table at right projects possible 2012 turnout numbers for Collin Co. by applying 2008 turnout patterns to current population estimates and voter registration numbers.

Turnout across the rest of North Texas is also strong. More than 70,000 voters cast ballots Monday in Dallas, Tarrant, Collin and Denton Counties. Texas turned out in high numbers across the state on the first day of early voting, too, setting records in some places.

The Texas Secretary of State reported Tuesday that more than 378,000 people cast early ballots Monday in the state's 15 most populous counties, either by mail or in person. That's about 4.6 percent of the registered voters in those counties. More than 32,000 people cast early ballots in Dallas County and another 30,000 ballots were cast in Tarrant County. In Denton County, 12,000 people turned out to vote early.

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