Friday, February 12, 2010

Steps To Conduct Your Precinct Convention

The precinct convention may seem complicated at first, but it is very easy and quick to conduct. Here are the basic steps that you need to know:

Step 1: After the polls close and the last voter has voted, the precinct chair, who has the first right to serve as the convention's temporary chair, should obtain the precinct convention packet from the election judge. The 2010 Democratic precinct convention packet will includes the following items:
  1. One letter from the State Party Chair
  2. Convention Minutes Form
  3. Convention Exhibit A Sign-in Form
  4. Convention Exhibit G Delegate Form
  5. Convention Exhibit H Alternate Form
  6. Number of Delegates that may be elected
  7. Texas Democratic Party Rules
  8. Precinct Convention Instructions
  9. Other forms and information
If the precinct chair does not claim the package within 15 minutes after the poll closes and the last voter in line has voted, any registered voter from the precinct who voted in the 2010 Democratic primary and is attending the precinct convention can serve as the temporary chair of the convention. The temporary chair, after obtaining the precinct convention packet from the election judge, convenes the convention for his/her precinct, and serve as the temporary chair to call for the election of the permanent convention chair. Most of the convention activity is set by state law, the Rules of the Texas Democratic Party, and Robert’s Rules of Order.

Step 2: The temporary chair asks people who enter the convention site:
  1. If they are there to participate in the precinct convention,
  2. Whether they voted in the 2010 Democratic Primary, and
  3. In which precinct they are registered to vote.
If they did not vote in the Democratic primary, they are not eligible to participate in the convention, though they are welcome to attend and observe. If they did vote in the Democratic primary, direct them to the convention location for the precinct in which they are registered.
An effort will be made by the temporary precinct convention chair to confirm that each convention attendee voted in the Democratic primary and lives in the correct precinct by checking their stamped voter registration card, or primary voting verification receipt slip.

The blue 2010 voter registration card should be stamp "DEMOCRATIC" as show in the picture right. (click picture to enlarge)
  • Note: not everyone who voted in the 2010 primary will have remembered to have their card stamped or request a voting verification receipt slip.
If the voter presents neither a “Democratic” stamped voter registration card nor a primary voting verification receipt slip, voting verification will be completed by checking the list of early voters for each election precinct provided to each Election Judge by the county election registrar, and the poll list of election day voters.
If people arriving for the convention do not have evidence that they voted in the 2010 primary, they must still be permitted to participate, so long as they state they did voted in the Democratic primary, though in this case, the County Convention Credentials Committee must later check and validate their eligibility status. This could change the results of delegate allocations, if individuals are later found ineligible to have voted in the precinct convention.

If the person voted in the Democratic primary and is in the correct precinct, their name, address, voter registration number and other information must be entered on the "exhibit A" sign in form.
In presidential election years, people must state their presidential preference when they sign in to participate in the precinct convention. Since 2010 is not a presidential year, convention participates will not state a presidential preference as they sign in to the convention.
Step 3: Once everyone is registered on the "Exhibit A" form, the temporary convention chair calls the convention to order and asks someone to serve as the temporary convention secretary, if a temporary secretary has not yet been appointed.

The first order of business called by the temporary convention chair is to elect a permanent precinct convention chair and a permanent precinct convention secretary. The temporary convention secretary must clearly print the minutes of this business on the official "Convention Minutes" carbon copy form. As soon the a permanent precinct convention chair and a permanent precinct convention secretary are elected they take over the convention and conduct business until the convention adjourns.

Step 4: The next orders of business called by the permanent precinct convention chair is for the nomination and election of delegates and alternates to the Collin County Convention.

The convention packet should include a form that gives the number of delegates that may be elected to represent the precinct at the county convention. Only people who are in attendance and entitled to participate in the convention, by having voted in the Democratic primary and signed in for the precinct convention.

Step 5: The precinct convention body, as a whole, will then ratify (vote for) the selection of delegates and alternates. The precinct convention as a whole will then elect a delegation chair for the Collin County convention. The convention chair then announces the delegation chair, the list of delegates and alternates, and the date, time and location of the county convention.

Step 6: The convention chair then ask for any proposed convention resolutions to be read aloud. Discuss each proposed convention resolutions and approve or discard them. After all resolutions have been dealt with, convention chair asks for if anyone would like to move and second the adjournment of the convention. If the a majority of the convention body votes for adjournment, the convention chair gavels the convention to close.

After the Convention:
  1. The convention chair must complete the forms and have both the signatures of both the convention chair and the convention secretary sign them.
  2. Deliver the Convention Minutes, Exhibit A sign-in sheets, and Exhibit G and H Delegate and Alternate forms to the Democratic Party of Collin County Office, 1:PM on Friday, March 5, 2010. If you mail them, they must be postmarked by Thursday, March 4. Actual delivery to the office as soon as possible, rather than mailing, is preferred. This is the official record for the county convention and delegate allocation
Precinct Convention Document (click image)



Exhibit A

Exhibit G

Exhibit H


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