Sunday, July 5, 2009

Letter To The Editor From Marlene Byndon

On July 22, 2009 the Democratic Party of Collin County Executive Committee will elect a new chairperson. In light of the July 22nd special election, as a public service, this blog has extended an offer to each of the of Collin County Democratic Party Chair Candidates to submit a letter to the editor. The following letter is from Party Chair Candidate Marlene Byndon:

Letter To The Editor
By Marlene Byndon
In March, 2009, I was elected to the role of Assistant County Chair and I quickly learned that there were many goals to accomplish, an enormous amount of grassroots organizing to do and relationships to build.

You have embraced me, supported me and worked tirelessly when asked to do so. As a result, we have had some successes:
  • We are solvent (in the black)
  • Held several successful fundraisers
  • Facilitated the North Texas Coalition of Democrats meeting
Along with these accomplishments, I have been a first-hand witness to the challenges of the Party: and my experience prepares me to lead us in changing those challenges into triumphs. Some of my professional achievements:
  • Leadership Development Specialist and trainer
  • Certification in Conflict Resolution
  • Union Steward
  • Mediation of first step grievances for Fortune 500 Company
  • Led teams to meet/exceed established goals
Our President often speaks of this being our moment and our time. I agree that this is our defining moment, to elect Democrats locally, statewide and at the Federal level. This is our time to build a unified Party working towards a common purpose. This is our moment and our time, to create a positive perception of the Democratic Party of Collin County. The tasks before us are not easy but, I am committed to stand shoulder to shoulder with you, guide you, and reach out for your input... My leadership can bring about the positive and effective change needed to accomplish these goals and together, we can leave a compelling legacy for those who come behind us.

I ask for the opportunity to serve as County Chair, of Collin County. We have lots of work to do. Let’s roll up our sleeves. We can make this happen!

Marlene Byndon

Ms. Byndon was born in Kansas, raised in Oklahoma and move to Texas in 2006. Ms. Byndon became involved in Collin County politics in support of Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign. Ms. Byndon was appointed to the Vice Chair (Asst. County Chair) position by County Chairman Dan Dodd and confirmed by the Executive Committee in late February 2009.

This blog is not affiliated with the Democratic Party of Collin County or any of the candidates standing for election to the Democratic Party of Collin County Chair. Letters to the editor of this blog have only been edited for format suitable to this blog.

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