Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Who Is "Presumptuous" for Calling Obama Presumptuous?

Senator Barack Obama has raised more money than any political campaign in US history, has drawn record-breaking crowds in the US and abroad and has been ahead of John McCain since widespread general election polling began four months ago. Yet the McCain campaign is pushing talking points that Obama is at risk of looking "presumptuous" for his recent trip abroad and for doing what Americans expect of a competent Presidential candidate.

These Republican talking points, which seem to be too often echoed by the traditional media, say that Obama is presumptuous for taking the prudent steps of getting to know the leaders of America's allies around the world, his potential counterparts should he become President of the United States, and for visiting Iraq and Afghanistan where our courageous American troops are serving their second, third and some even their fourth back-to-back tour of duty. Just who is "presumptuous" for calling Senator Obama presumptuous? Read more at Huffington Post...

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