Thursday, January 28, 2010

Truck Sporting "De La Garza for DA" Signs Stolen

A local businessman and friend of Collin County Criminal District Attorney candidate Rafael De La Garza decided to support De La Garza by putting "De La Garza for DA" signs on the sides and back of his large white six tire box truck. (right is a picture of the back of the truck taken by the businessman )

The truck sporting three large "De La Garza for DA" signs was stolen sometime Wednesday night or early Thursday morning. The business owner reported the stolen truck to Garland Police at about 4:30 a.m. Thursday morning.

"Didn't the thieves notice it has DA on there? How ironic is that," said Marina De La Garza, wife of the candidate, when asked for a comment. De La Garza had spent about a thousand dollars to purchase the three large magnetic signs for the panel truck, according to Marina De La Garza.

Have You Seen A Large White Truck With "De La Garza for DA" Signs? If you see this large white six tire box truck with "De La Garza for DA" signs on both sides of back of the truck box, call 911 and report the sighting to police.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Digital Campaign Trail Is Where Elections Are Now Won Or Lost


Underscoring the consensus that Martha Coakley couldn't be bothered to work to get the Massachusetts Senate seat that she appears to have thought was hers by dint of being a Democrat is this statistic from Politico:

[Republican candidate Scott] Brown has made 66 campaign stops since the primary, while Coakley has made only 19, as of Sunday.

Dave Weigel, who's up in Massachusetts covering the election for the Washington Independent today, adds an important observation:

Typically, a front-running campaign might hold fewer events to minimize the snafus that might occur and affect the race. The incredible thing about Coakley's verbal and visual stumbles is that none occurred while stumping in Massachusetts.

So the work that Coakley was willing to do wasn't done very well.

Elsewhere, Christina Bellantoni sizes up the online operations of both campaigns and finds that Brown used technology -- specifically modeled on Barack Obama's campaign effort -- in a far more seamless and effective fashion than Coakley. Bellantoni cites myriad examples, but what sticks out in my mind is this:

The new PDA application Brown launched Monday tied to his "voter bomb" effort puts a walk list in the palm of supporters' hands.

The text message effort mimics the Obama effort last fall. Here's Brown's latest: "Are you taking the day off of work tomorrow to help Scott Brown win? Sign up here to get a walk list on your smart phone:"

The Coakley text message program also is run by the DNC and voters can get their polling place. The number is the same one Barack Obama used to announce Joe Biden as his choice for vice president.

TPMDC texted the Coakley campaign address as a test and received an error message that the polling place locator program couldn't identify the location.

The Obama campaign very skillfully deployed all manner of technology to build, stoke, and maintain voter enthusiasm. This race suggests that the Democrats have regressed significantly here, while the Brown campaign, at least, has made up the ground.

* Political Campaign Opportunities in the Digital Age

Monday, January 18, 2010

A De la Garza Family Adventure

Two days before Christmas Rafael De la Garza had just made the biggest political decision of his life, filing to run as the Democratic Candidate for Collin County Criminal District Attorney.

He was anxious to start his family's traditional Christmas trip to the ski slopes near Santa Fe to enjoy some quiet time with his wife, Marina, and two boys Rafael III and Cristian.

By 1 p.m. Christmas eve, the De la Garza family had loaded the car and was on the road to Santa Fe. Later that afternoon, somewhere between Denton and Decatur, Texas, a winter blizzard started to close in on the intrepid travelers and the Texas 287 roadway began to disappear.

Read the rest of the De la Garza family Christmas adventure, written by J.B Blocker, at the Plano Star Courier - Click Here.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dr. Martin Luther King Day Breakfast - Monday January 18

Collin College MLK Leadership Breakfast
From January 2009
On Monday January 18, 2010 the MLK Celebration Committee will again host the Dr. Martin Luther King Day Leadership Power Breakfast at Collin College Spring Creek Campus. The event starts at 7:30 A.M.

State, county, city and local school board level elected official will form a panel to discuss Dr. Kings influence on America.

“Because of Dr. King’s legacy we enjoy civil rights that were nonexistent in America prior to 1963. People were afraid to respect and be kind to persons of different cultures,” said Earnest Burke, president of the 2010 MLK Steering Committee, in a press release. “Employment opportunities and wages were not comparable; education opportunities were restricted; and more importantly, we as Americans were afraid to support our rights to equal justice under the law. It is important to stop and celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. because he gave his life for the rights and freedoms we enjoy today.”

Collin College Spring Creek Campus Event - Contact: Evelyn McKnight - ph# 972-422-5615 - email: