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BlogTalkUSA: Eyes Wide Open DemBlogTalk - 01/31/2017

Listen to this week's "Eyes Wide Open DemBlogTalk" talk radio program cohosts Rheana Nevitt Piegols and Michael Handley and their guest Bruce Horst discuss affordable healthcare as the moral choice for Christians. With Republicans about to repeal the Affordable Care Act — labled Obamacare by Republicans — Bruce steps forward from the ranks of Christian Evangelicals to say his fellow Evangelicals have driven him from the church over their stance Christians must oppose legislation that extends healthcare to the poor and children and other Americans denied healthcare because of financial barriers or preexisting health conditions.
Bruce Horst, a former Conservative Evangelical Christian from Texas, caught our interest when he took to Facebook about 2 weeks ago to brilliantly call out his former Conservative Evangelical Christian brethren for cheering the idea of 20 million people losing their health insurance! You will not want to miss this interview that starts at the 30 minute time mark of the recorded program!

Writing on Facebook, Bruce Horst explained that he knows how important adequate healthcare is because of his own health issues.
“As an overweight man with a family history of heart disease, I was uninsurable,” Horst wrote. “It wasn’t that I couldn’t afford heath insurance, there were no health insurance companies which would sell me health insurance at any price. I know this because I tried for many years to buy health insurance.”
Horst emphasizes that, despite the fact he enjoys a good living as self-employed businessman, he was well aware that one trip to the hospital or a severe illness could wipe out every penny his family had.

With that in mind, Horst said he began to question a lifetime of faith and allegiance to the Republican Party when fellow Rspublican Christians came out so strongly against the Affordable Healthcare legislation.
“In 2010 I had been a Conservative Evangelical Christian for all of my adult life. I began to realize that others around me despised the thought of allowing people like me the benefit of affordable health insurance. For some reason, all of the Christians that I knew thought that offering health insurance to people like me would put them at some kind of a disadvantage that they were not willing to accept. Frankly, they had been lied to so they believed those ‘others’ were going to get healthcare and make their own healthcare inadequate,” Horst wrote.

“As a Christian, I believed that I would be judged on the Final Judgment Day on how I took care of the ‘least of these’ as described in the Bible book of Matthew, chapter 25,” He continued. “I came to the sober realization that Christians around me had no such convictions. If they didn’t believe Jesus’ words as recorded in the Bible, why should I? Then one day I discovered I could no longer believe any of it.”

According to Horst, he now has come to believe that some of his former Christian friends are, “not followers of Jesus. Not the Jesus that the Bible speaks of, anyway.”

“I understand that Congress is about to take away the healthcare coverage of about 18 million of my fellow Americans. And they are doing this at the insistence of Conservative Evangelical Christians,” Horst wrote. “I have friends who are alive today because of Obamacare. Probably all of us do. To me, this proves my Christian friends are not pro-life, but instead they’ve been told they are as a matter of manipulation, probably to keep them putting money in the offering plate, or voting for the proper candidate. One thing is clear to me, they are not really pro-life.”

“I would have to believe that the Jesus of the Bible would say to them, ‘depart from me, I never knew you.’ Just like He did in Matthew 25,” he concludes.
The entire Facebook post can be read here.

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