Monday, April 27, 2015

Slavery by Another Name

Slavery by Another Name is a 90-minute PBS documentary about how thousands of African Americans were pulled back into forced labor with shocking force and brutality in the post Civil War years through the mid-1940s.

Based on the 2009 Pulitzer Prize-winning book by Douglas Blackmon, Slavery by Another Name spans eight decades, from 1865 to 1945, revealing the interlocking forces in both the South and the North that enabled this “neoslavery” to begin and persist. It was a system in which men, often guilty of no crime at all, were arrested, compelled to work without pay, repeatedly bought and sold, and coerced to do the bidding of masters.

The documentary premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival and had its national broadcast on PBS on Feb. 13, 2012.

PBS Documentary - Slavery by Another Name

Following is Smithsonian conversation with author Douglas A. Blackmon about his groundbreaking historical study, and Pulitzer Prize winning book, Slavery by Another Name: The Enslavement of Black Americans from the Civil War to World War II.

Hat tip to Hazel Weathers for recommending the PBS film,

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