Monday, July 28, 2014

Leticia Van de Putte For Texas Lt. Governor

Leticia San Miguel Van de Putte grew up on the West Side of San Antonio, graduated with honors from high school and then attended pharmacy school at the University of Texas at Austin. After graduating, she opened her own small business, a community pharmacy that serves the same neighborhood she grew up in.

Leticia was elected to the Texas Legislature in 1990 and since then has been a champion of business, public education, and veterans. She also has worked to fight the heartbreaking and criminal practice of human trafficking.

Leticia led Texas’ fight for a safer state by creating the Texas Human Trafficking Prevention Task Force which has increased penalties for criminals that have committed repeat offenses against children and improved services for victims. She will continue to toughen penalties for those who prey on our most vulnerable and strengthen services for the victims seeking to heal.

Part of a military family, Leticia believes that to truly honor those who protect us, we must improve the quality of life of military members, veterans, and their families and support our military bases. She will fulfill the promise to our military members, veterans, and their families and ensure veterans get the healthcare they need and have earned, and ensure Texas Military Forces members who suffer from PTSD have access to mental health counselors. She will improve the transfer of military experience and training to academic credits at universities and colleges and fight to protect Hazlewood educational benefits program for veterans and their surviving spouses and children. She will also strengthen the infrastructure surrounding Texas military bases.

As a small business owner, Leticia knows that Texas must have a strong economy in order to compete in a global economy. She knows that we must empower Texans with the tools that enable them to build businesses and be work ready. She will foster an environment that encourages entrepreneurship, creates jobs, and provides skill building opportunities.

Leticia will be the first female and first Hispanic Lieutenant Governor. It just makes sense to pay women equally for their work and trust them to make their own healthcare decisions. When elected, she’ll use her decades of experience as a pharmacist, listening to Texans. She will listen to women and make sure that women’s voices are heard.

Leticia learned from her mother, a Texas teacher, that hard work in school opens doors to opportunity. Every child deserves a strong start, strong curriculum, and strong teachers. Leticia will work alongside business communities to achieve the goal of developing more Tier 1 universities and ensuring a college education remains within reach for Texas families.

Too many elected officials use their offices to enrich themselves, their friends and business associates. Leticia will use her decades of bipartisan legislative experience to create a Lieutenant Governor’s office that we can all be proud of. She’s working for a safer, smarter, stronger Texas for her family and yours.

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