Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Denise Hamilton For Justice Of The Peace

Denise Hamilton is the Democratic Nominee for Collin County Justice of the Peace Court Precinct 3, Place 2.

Justice of the Peace courts have original jurisdiction over Class C misdemeanor criminal cases, and over minor civil matters, including small claims disputes, trespass, landlord and tenant disputes, and other real estate or property related disputes. Justices of the Peace can also perform marriages. Justice of the Peace courts also have jurisdiction over juvenile truancy cases.

Denise is uniquely qualified to serve. Denise is a native Texan, growing up in Plano, and attending school in Plano ISD. Denise will bring a diverse business background to the office of Justice of the Peace. She is a successful real estate agent, a certified instructor for the Texas Real Estate Commission, former certified apartment manager, and a graduate of Texas Woman's University with a B.A. in business administration.

Texas law allows School Districts to file truancy charges in Justice of the Peace (JP) Courts against parents or their children, or both, when the child has an unexcused absence from school. A truancy case filed against a parent is usually done so under a law known as parent contributing to truancy. A truancy charge filed against the child is usually filed as failure to attend school.  At the truancy hearing, the JP Judge may dismiss the case, fine the child or parent, or enter a court order requiring the child or parent to attend a truancy or parenting class, Suspending the Driver's License, or requiring GED or community supervision.

 If a truancy case is filed in Collin County, the School District Attendance Officer usually files the complaint against the offending child or parent, or both, in a county Justice of the Peace Court. About 80 percent of truancy cases filed in Collin County are filed with the Justice of the Peace Precinct 3, Place 2 Court.

As a former Plano ISD student, as a mother whose children attended Plano schools, and as a substitute teacher for Wylie ISD, Denise understands the challenges faced by our youth. Her understanding of family issues is bolstered by practical experience and training, including training as a Court Appointed Special Advocate.

When a student has truancy problems, it is often a symptom of larger personal and family issues. Texas' current truancy law does not require a Justice of the Peace to look at a student's personal situation when considering truancy charges filed against a parent or their child. Unlike the incumbent Justice of the Peace for this precinct, Denise Hamilton will take into account serious issues such as abuse or neglect, drug addiction, teen pregnancy or teen parenting, family financial problems, and personal disabilities.

While upholding Texas truancy law, Denise believes a Justice of the Peace should make decisions based on fairness, practicality and wisdom. Denise's goal is to implement more truancy prevention, educational, outreach and mentoring programs.

As a real estate professional and former certified apartment manager, Denise is uniquely qualified to hear small claims, trespass, landlord and tenant, and other real estate or property related disputes brought before the court.

Learn more at www.denisehamiltonforjp.com.

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