Friday, September 21, 2012

Sarah Silverman Explains Voter Photo I.D. Laws

Caution - It's Sarah Silverman! You will hear words some might consider "inappropriate."

Comedian Sarah Silverman explains why 12 states have passed laws requiring voters to present select government issued photo I.D. photo identification before casting a ballot. She explains that new voting laws passed by Republican controlled state legislatures since 2008 require voters to present select photo I.D that up to 25 percent of some population groups do not hold. And those population groups, including African Americans and young people of every ethnic and racial group, voted predominately for Pres. Obama in 2008.

Bluntly, Silverman said that “lawmakers are trying to fuck you in the asshole” and ended up recommending everyone buy guns, because states like Texas and Tennessee have passed laws that say gun permits work as voter IDs, but Social Security cards and student IDs do not.

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