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Democratic Blog News Endorses Paul Sadler For U.S. Senate

Primary run-off Election Day is 7:00am-7:00pm, Tuesday, July 31. We encourage all Democratic voters to cast their ballot for Paul Sadler.

Collin Co. Election Day Polling Locations & Sample Ballots

The Democratic Party's runoff ballot is short. It has just one statewide ballot position for U.S. Senate. Democratic Blog News endorses Paul Sadler in the Democratic runoff for U.S. Senate and encourages all Democratic voters to cast their ballots for this well qualified candidate.

Sadler's extensive Texas legislative experience in public education and professional work on renewable energy give him a solid grounding on issues that are critical to Texas and the nation. He is the obvious choice in the runoff to be our Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate, and will best represent Texas, if elected.

Many Democrats voted for Grady Yarbrough in the May 29 primary because they recognize the name Yarbrough on the ballot. Grady Yarbrough seemingly snuck onto the runoff ballot because too many Democrats confused him with the former Democratic statesman, Ralph Yarborough. Grady Yarbrough ran twice as a Republican for statewide office -- he is definitely no Ralph Yarborough. As reported by the Dallas Morning News, Yarbrough “hasn’t kept up with Federal Elections Commission campaign finance filings […] There is no documented proof about how his campaign is funded.” When asked about his position on immigration, Yarbrough said that the Berlin Wall was “pretty effective.”

If you love outside of Collin Co. you can find your polling place here.

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Paul Sadler Grady Yarbrough

Political/Legislative Experience

  • Lifelong Democrat
  • 1991-2003 Texas House of Representatives (D-Henderson)
  • 1995-2003 Chairman of the Public Education Committee
  • 1997 Chairman of the Select Committee on State Revenue and Public School Finance
  • 2001 Chairman of the Select Committee on Public School Employee Health Insurance
  • Legislative Budget Board Member

Political/Legislative Experience

Run unsuccessfully as a Republican for land commissioner. Twice.

Major Legislative Accomplishments

  • Re-wrote the entire Education Code in 1995 (known as the “Ratliff-Sadler Act”);
  • Enacted public school employee health insurance for the first time in the history of the State;
  • Passed a $3.8 billion education package, which at the time included the largest property tax cut in the history of the State;
  • Provided teacher pay raises for three consecutive sessions for the first time in the history of the State;
  • Established critical need programs for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten;
  • Established the ninth grade initiative targeting students at risk of drop-out;
  • Increased funding for public school facilities.

Major Legislative Accomplishments


Recognitions for Legislative Work

  • Was named four times (1995, 1997, 1999 and 2001) to the prestigious Texas Monthly “Ten Best” legislators list.
  • Was named one of three “Outstanding Legislators” during each of his legislative sessions by the Dallas Morning News.
  • Received the John B. Connally “Award for Excellence in Education” from the Just For The Kids Foundation.

Recognitions for Legislative Work

No legislative work.

Newspaper Endorsements

Houston Chronicle: Paul Sadler is the clear choice in this important race

“We wholeheartedly endorse Sadler to carry the Democratic banner in November.”

San Antonio Express News: Sadler an excellent pick for Democrats

“Former state Rep. Paul Sadler, 57, has a stellar record of service in public office. His opponent, 75-year-old Grady Yarbrough, doesn't.”

“During his six terms as a legislator, Sadler earned a reputation as smart and hard-working.”

Dallas Morning News: Paul Sadler deserves Democrats’ nomination for Senate

“Texas Democrats have a proven legislator in former state Rep. Paul Sadler, who clearly deserves his party’s nomination in the race to replace retiring GOP Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison. ”

Austin American-Statesman: Dems Should Pick Sadler for U.S. Senate

“… Paul Sadler is the clear choice. His legislative skill and talent can’t be denied.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram Editorial Board recommends Paul Sadler

“The Star-Telegram Editorial Board recommends Paul Sadler in the Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate.”

Austin Chronicle: Endorses Sadler

“In the Texas House (1991-2003), Sadler was a champion of education and health care, and a budget maven...He's a strong candidate who will make the case for Texas Democratic values. ”

Newspaper Endorsements


AFL-CIO Endorsed


AFL-CIO Endorsed


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