Thursday, March 8, 2012

Education After The 82nd Texas Legislature

Join the Democratic Network of Collin County for its inaugural forum on the topic of "Education after the 82nd Legislature," Saturday, March 17th at the John and Judy Gay Library in McKinney, 6861 Eldorado Parkway, just east of Alma. (map)

In 2011 the Republican super-majority Texas Legislature cut $4 billion from the $50.8 billion 2011-13 public education budget, even as Texas' booming population saw public school enrollment grow by 160,000 students for this K-12 school term. They also cut $1.4 billion in grant programs.

That caused the amount of money Texas spends per student to fall to $8,908 per pupil, down $538 from last year and well below the current national average of $11,463, according to the National Education Association. Parents and students need to use this election year to tell Texas legislators that they must restore public school funding!

Event organized by the Democratic Network of Collin County

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