Monday, August 22, 2011

Senior Obama Adviser David Axelrod Dismisses Question Of Disenchanted Liberal Base

Appearing on ABC’s This Week on Sunday Aug. 21, 2011 senior Obama adviser David Axelrod rejected Michael Moore’s assertion that the president loses votes when he “moves to the right.”

“Are you aware of how profoundly disappointed so many of the president’s supporters are?” ABC’s Jake Tapper asked on behalf of Moore. “Do you realize that each time the president moves to the right, he picks up no votes and loses many? Or do you cynically believe that because these people have nowhere else to go, they’ll end up voting for Obama?”

From ABC’s This Week, broadcast Sunday Aug. 21, 2011

“Well, first of all, no one is cynically moving one way or the other,” Axelrod replied. “The president is not moving left or right; he’s interested in moving the country forward.”

“And all of these things are part and parcel of a strategy that is completely opposed by the other side, who want to go back to the same trickle-down, deregulation. You know, the same mantra we heard in the last decade that led up to this problem we’re hearing again. I think that this is such a profound choice that the president’s supporters and independent voters and people across this country will rally, because the future will be determined by this debate and the path we take.”

Picture from the blog Stupid Evil Bastard with a hat tip to the Jobsanger blog.

Jobsanger: It's no secret that many progressives (myself included) have become disenchanted with President Obama.

After running for president on a fairly progressive platform, he has done very little to live up to those campaign promises. Many Democrats want to blame the Republicans for Obama's failure to deliver on his promises, and I don't deny that they have done their best to insure that his presidency fails. But a lot of us just don't think he has really fought. Too often it seems he has just given in to Republican demands.

However, it is obvious that there is not going to be a viable progressive alternative in the 2012 presidential race. It is boiling down to a radical right-wing Republican or a moderately right-wing Obama. As the sign suggests, a lot of progressives will probably hold their noses and vote for him as the least harmful of two bad choices.

For progressives, the 2012 presidential race is pretty much a lost cause for now. The only hope is to concentrate on electing progressives to Congress. If enough are elected, maybe Obama will give in to them like he has the Republicans.

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