Saturday, August 20, 2011

New Media Competition To Define Rick Perry's Record

Long before Rick Perry made his presidential aspirations official, the Texas governor was using Twitter and other Internet new media channels to create his "Texas Miracle" mythology. It seems to be working as the Main Stream Media uncritically memes Perry's "Texas miracle" economic claims," even as it's clear that everything from how Texas is doing to whether or not Perry should be associated with that performance are highly debatable claims.

Now, though, progressive activists in Texas are starting to use new media strategies to counter Perry's "Texas Miracle" mythology. is a website that prompts visitors to tweet from a list of 50 less-than-flattering facts about the current Texas governor's record to their Twitter followers. The message on the website reads, in part:
"Now that conservative TX Gov Rick Perry has officially launched his Presidential campaign, it is important to remember the lasting legacy he will leave for Texas. After 25 years in public office and 10 years as the Governor, Perry has dramatically changed what Texas looks like for future generations."
Click below to go to the website to see the tweets:

Then there is the Meet Rick Perry website created by the Texas Democratic Party featuring the following video:

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