Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Democracy Now Discussion On Gov. Perry With Bob Moser

Amy Goodman discusses Rick Perry's recent comments with Bob Moser, executive editor of the American Prospect and former editor of the Texas Observer
Democracy Now: Since announcing his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination over the weekend, Texas Gov. Rick Perry has already raised eyebrows over a number of heated comments.

On Monday Perry accused Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke of treason and suggested he would face physical harm in Texas. His comments were widely criticized, from the White House to Republican key strategist Karl Rove.

Perry has also drawn criticism for calling Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare "a Ponzi scheme."

Perry’s record in Texas is also beginning to face increased scrutiny. He claims responsibility for the an "economic miracle" in Texas, but many have questioned the success of his economic policies.

We look at Perry’s recent comments and his past with Bob Moser, executive editor of the American Prospect. Moser is the former editor of the Texas Observer, where he spent the last three years covering Perry.

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