Friday, June 18, 2010

Stalwart Republicans Deserting Perry To Support Bill White

Texas Kaos: It looks like even some hardcore Republican loyalists are as fed up with Governor Perry as we are. According to reporter Joe Holley of the Houston Chronicle, stalwart Republicans say they support Bill White:
When his candidate for governor, U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, fell to Gov. Rick Perry, he switched his support to Democrat Bill White.

Madden is one of a number of former Hutchison supporters who have crossed parties to support the former Houston mayor, including Houstonians Matt Simmons, CEO of Simmons & Co. International, and James Flores, CEO of Plains Exploration & Production Co.

One thing that Texas Republicans and Democrats do have in common where Rick Perry is concerned a recognition of his blind loyalty to his biggest contributors.
"I realized he (Perry) supports his campaign contributors and not the people of Texas," said Mitchell, who voted for Perry in his previous campaigns. "You know how he said that oil spill was an act of God? He would rather blame God than his campaign contributors."
  • Star Telegram - Perry repeatedly suggested that the [Gulf of Mexico oil] spill was “an act of God”

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