Thursday, December 3, 2009

Conservative Sam Johnson Files For 10th Term In U.S. House

Conservative Republican U.S. Rep. Sam Johnson today announced through a press release that he plans to run for a tenth full term in the Texas 3rd U.S. Congressional District. (Shaded in yellow on map - Your Congressional District Number can be found on your Voter's Registration Card)

Johnson, who is 79 years old, first won his seat in the U.S. House of Representatives in a special election on May 8, 1991. Johnson has been reelected to the 3rd district seat in nine regular elections since 1992.

The Texas 3rd District House Seat has arguably been one of the deepest red Republican districts in Texas, or any other state, since 1968 when the Republican Party first took control of the 3rd district House Seat. Johnson ran for re-election unopposed by a Democratic candidate in the 1992, 1994, 1998 and 2004 elections.

Maybe Sam Johnson will snag an endorsement from former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin when she drops by Plano to sign her book, "Going Rogue," at Legacy Books on Friday Dec. 4th. Get-R-Done Sam!

Johnson was opposed by Democratic challenger Daniel Dodd and Libertarian challenger Christopher Clayton in the 2006 election.
Candidate Party Votes Percent
Sam Johnson (R) 88,634 63%
Dan Dodd (D) 49,488 35%
Christopher Claytor (L) 3,656 3%
In the 2008 election Johnson was opposed again by Libertarian challenger Christopher Clayton and a new Democratic challenger, Tom Daley. In 2008 Johnson's margin of victory was trimmed to 59 percent of the vote with Tom Daley receiving 38 percent, even as Daley ran a modest "budget campaign" as compared to Johnson's campaign war chest of money.
Candidate Party Votes Percent
Sam Johnson (R) 169,557 59.8%
Tom Daley (D) 107,679 38.0%
Christopher Claytor (L) 6,300 2.2%
So far, a Democratic challenger to Johnson has not appeared for the 2010 election cycle, but the month long filing period has only just opened.

Johnson has voted against tax incentives for energy conservation, clean/alternative energy development and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Johnson also voted to eliminate "critical habitat" for endangered species and to reduce liability for hazardous waste dumping and clean up. Johnson opposes health insurance reform, supports the privatization of social security, has voted against regulating the home mortgage industry and opposes any repeal of the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999. That "Modernization Act" lifted Glass-Steagall regulations that prohibited any one financial institution from acting as a home mortgage company, investment bank, a commercial bank, and/or an insurance company. That single piece of banking deregulation is a root cause of the near collapse of the American financial system in 2008.
Gov. Perry: Federal Government Protecting The General Welfare Of Americans Is Socialist

On the issue of Texans who have lost their jobs; Gov. Perry, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, Senator John Cornyn, Congressman Sam Johnson and every Republican elected official in Texas made headlines for months pronouncing that President Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) "socialist" economic stimulus plan was unneeded and unwelcome in Texas.

On the issue of health insurance reform; Texas has the most expensive health care markets in the country, and the least number of people insured and Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) raise his 10th Amendment argument again over federal health insurance reform. [Star-Telegram] Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, Senator John Cornyn, Congressman Sam Johnson and every Republican elected official in Texas again line up with Gov. Perry to reject the idea that Texans need health insurance reform.
To review Johnson's conservative positions all on the issues plus his U.S. House of Representatives voting record, click here.

picture of Ms. Van Auken used with her kind permission
On Monday August 31st of this year Texas G.O.P. Reps. Sam Johnson, Joe Barton of Arlington, Jeb Hensarling and Pete Sessions of Dallas hosted a town hall at the Eisemann Center in Richardson, TX.

During the meeting Barton said. "We do believe the president's proposal is a radicalization and some would say socialization." He said the best option would be to defeat the current plans.

Kelley van Auken (pictured above) attended the Eisemann Center town hall to voice her support for Health Insurance reform.

"Most people [who oppose health insurance reform] were actually quite nice, but there's an abundance of misinformation," said Ms. van Auken. She said that one opponent of health insurance reform told her that she doesn't need health insurance, rather, she just needs to go to church for help with health care costs. Ms. van Auken, who is confined to a wheelchair, commented that opponents of health insurance reform believe, "there are churches that will cover my $72k/year drug costs and other medical expenses." In a CBS 11 news interview Ms. van Auken said, "I've been disabled my whole life and I've been fortunate to have access to healthcare, unfortunately there are a lot of people like me or with less ailments who don't have it and really do need it."

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