Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Changing Voter Demographics In Collin County

The National Journal Online posts an interesting article detailing the growth of minority populations in congressional districts across the nation. The article includes an interactive map that shows the breakdown statistics of each district.

Collin County holds most of Texas Congressional District 3, currently represented by Republican Sam Johnson, in the county's densely populated southwest quadrant. A small corner of District 3 spills over to Dallas county too.

Data for TX Congressional Dist. 3
Non-hispanic white Americans have decreased in Johnson's district to 54.9 percent while the district's minority American makeup has increased 8.4 percent to 45 percent. (pie chart right)

The remaining three quarters of Collin County's geographic area is included in Texas Congressional District 4, currently represented by Republican Ralph Hall. Hall's District 4 geographic area also includes the entire northeast corner of Texas, so the district's demographic numbers mask the true makeup for Collin County's portion of the 4th congressional district.

The 1990 census listed over 80% of Collin County's citizens as "White" non-Hispanic. The population makeup has changed greatly since Johnson and Hall were first elected to office. By 2007, census estimates showed that white, non-Hispanics made up only 67 percent of the entire population of Collin County. According to 2007 census estimates 14 percent of the county is Hispanic-American, 10 percent of the county is Asian-American and not quite 8 percent of the population is African-American.

Most experts believe the demographics continue to shift in favor of minority Americans in Collin County. Indeed, the Census Bureau's recently released annual three-year (2006-2008) average American Community Survey data reported in the National Journal article suggests the county's overall population of "White" non-Hispanic Americans may soon be nearing parity with minority Americans.

Yet, Hispanic-Americans and Asian-Americans hold zero elected offices in Collin County government or in any of the county's city governments. African-Americans fare only slightly better with one African-American serving on Plano's City Council and one African-American serving as a trustee on Plano's ISD board. However, the ongoing demographic shift almost guarantees that minority Americans will soon be running for office in Collin County. And, when they do run for office, a '(D)' will mostly likely appear by their name on the election ballot!

You will be hearing more and more about the official 2010 U.S. census results and redistricting in Texas, and particularly in Collin County, over the next two years! See Collin Co. population charts after the jump.

Demographic Data for TX Congressional Dist. 3, Represented By Republican Sam Johnson

Demographic Data for TX Congressional Dist. 4, Represented By Republican Ralph Hall

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