Monday, July 6, 2009

Letter To The Editor From Victor Manuel

On July 22, 2009 the Democratic Party of Collin County Executive Committee will elect a new chairperson. In light of the July 22nd special election, as a public service, this blog has extended an offer to each of the of Collin County Democratic Party Chair Candidates to submit a letter to the editor. The following letter is from Party Chair Candidate Victor Manuel:

Letter To The Editor
By Victor Manuel

Riding the Youth Wave to victory

When people ask me about how creating more social groups outside the DPCC can help the Party, I think of the Collin College Young Democrats. The energy, passion, and dedication of youth are powerful to behold. Groups such as the UT Dems and the Dallas County Young Democrats keep trying to gain strength in Collin County.

Yet for all our efforts, youth involvement in the Collin County is waning. The best way to engage people under 30 is not only to enliven the Democratic Party of Collin County, but to also coordinate and support other organizations within the county.

In July of last year, several students fired up about the election started the Collin College Young Democrats. I attended their first meeting, and saw students curious about how to get involved. But without support and communication from the Party, their own leadership could not help them make a difference in the election.

I also visited the UT Dems, a group of students attending University of Texas at Dallas. They were also fired up and very passionate about the race. But without direction on how to help campaigns and get involved with the DPCC or other groups, they were content to show films and eat pizza. They were, after all, college students.

How important was the youth vote in 2008? Election results across the country confirmed that the youngest members of the electorate voted in unprecedented numbers last November. Not only that, but their vote leaned hard to the Democrats. Young voters preferred Obama over McCain by 68 percent to 30 percent – the highest share of the youth vote since records started in 1976, according to CIRCLE. In order for us to succeed in Collin County in 2010, it will be vital for us to retain their support.

In the end, the DPCC should not only be a coordinator for other Democratic social groups throughout the county, we should consider them vital to our survival. Without the Collin College Young Democrats and the UT Dems, we will not have a window into college activity.

Without an active Men’s Club and Women’s Club in the area, we will not have a place where issues more relevant to men than women (or vice versa) can be actively discussed. Groups such as the Stonewall Democrats, the Allen Democrats, and Obama For America offer a narrower scope, but are no less vital for our survival. We need these groups and more, because in order to be the Big Tent Party, you first have to have a big tent.

Ever Onward,

Victor Manuel.
Mr. Manuel grew up in Garland, Texas and has lived in McKinney for six years. A former U.S. Marine, Mr. Manuel ran as the Democratic candidate for Collin County Commissioner, Precinct 3, against Republican Joe Jaynes in 2008. Since losing his 2008 election bid, Mr. Manuel has conducted candidate training classes for other Democrats interested in running for office in 2010.

This blog is not affiliated with the Democratic Party of Collin County or any of the candidates standing for election to the Democratic Party of Collin County Chair. Letters to the editor of this blog have only been edited for format suitable to this blog.

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