Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Talk Back On The Republican's Health Care "Rationing" Talking Point

Mastermind of conservative Republican talking points Frank Luntz authored a 26-page report in April advising Republicans on how best to frame the debate over health care reform TO KILL IT!

The memo is titled “The Language of Health Care 2009″ and it lays out the argument for “stopping the Washington takeover” of health care.” But if fully implemented it may very well stop health care reform:
This document is based on polling results and Instant Response dial sessions conducted in April 2009. It captures not just what Americans want in health care reform, but exactly what they need to hear to accept or reject a national health care plan. The report zeroes in on what worries Americans, like a national health care plan might engender health care rationing, and provides the words Republicans need to say to take advantage of those worries. Luntz say that from today forward, those words should be used by everyone. (Memo PDF HERE)
Listening to cable news tonight every Republican talking about Pres. Obama's universal health care insurance option used the word rationing. It you take the time to read Luntz's memo you will see rationing is a key fear word Republicans plan to use to turn public opinion against Obama's universal health care insurance option. The rationing argument has no basis in fact or reality, it is just a talking point plucked out of the air because a poll said Americans don't like the idea of health care rationing. (Ask a person what they fear most and then use that fear to scare them. )

Be ready to talk back if hear someone say Obama's plan will cause care rationing.

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