Saturday, March 14, 2009

Texas House Bill End Run To Teach Creation In TX Schools

House Bill 4224 filed by State Rep. Wayne Christian (R-Center) Friday in the Texas House of Representatives attempts to make an end-run around the curriculum setting authority of the state’s elected State Board of Education over how science, including evolution, is taught in Texas public school classrooms.

The battle over the language used to shape curriculum standards with regard to the teaching of scientific principles has been a hot button issue for Christian conservatives, young earth creationists, intelligent design advocates, and Texas Republicans since the 1990s, when the party first engineered its takeover of the State Board of Education.

The evolution vs. creation battle erupted again in full force late last year because of the decennial requirement that the State Board of Education establish new or revised curriculum standards for science. The SBOE took public comment on the controversial “strengths and weaknesses of evolution” language, favored by creationists, for its new curriculum standards from a well-informed public, parents, teachers and clergy. The SBOE takes its final vote on the curriculum standard on March 27, 2009.

Not satisfied that SBOE can fulfill the creationist agenda for Texas schoolrooms and textbooks, the Christian Right now moves the battle over teaching intelligent design to the floor of the Texas House and Senate with HB 4224. If passed into law the bill would would allow schools to teach whatever they wish, not just on evolution vs. intelligent design, but on any scientific topic from geology to physics to how diseases are transmitted.

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