Wednesday, January 28, 2009

TDWCC 2009 Slate Of Officers

Mary Hooks
- Patricia Spence
- Prissy Wisnewski
Vice President
- Barbara Walters
The Texas Democratic Women of Collin County, a chapter of the statewide Texas Democratic Women (TDW) and National Federation of Democratic Women, elected their 2009 slate of officers on Monday January 26, 2009. Picture left are 2009 officers Mary Hooks, Patricia Spence, Prissy Wisnewski, and Barbara Walters.

Walters, reelected Monday as President of the group, and several others reestablished the organization in 2006 following a trip to Crawford. Walters and several others had traveled to President George W. Bush's ranch in Crawford to voice their disapproval at the policies of President Bush. As they returned from Crawford they discussed the idea of reforming the Texas Democratic Women of Collin County (TDWCC) group, which had become inactive in the preceding years. The women felt spurred to action by the distortion of Democratic values on the public stage and the disturbing failures of the Bush Administration and Republican control congress.

By late 2008 the organization reported 150 members who worked hard to get Democrats in Collin County out to vote in the 2008 November election. Through the groups efforts several hundred women worked doggedly in phone banking operations, registration drives and neighborhood block walks to contact and motivate voters. Collin County Democrats posted their strongest voter turn out in recent history thanks in part to the efforts of the TDWCC, who closely cooperated with the Democratic Party of Collin County, the Obama Collin County (OCC) campaign group and every other Democratic Candidate whose name appeared on Collin County ballots.

On January 20th the Democratic women's group hosted what the Dallas Morning News called the largest Obama Inaugural Gala in North Texas with 475 proud Democrats in attendance. During the group's first 2009 meeting on January 26th, Walters said that a significant number of additional people called after the RSVP reservation deadline, a few days before inauguration day, and had to be turned away. The black-tie optional event at the Plano Center featured live music, dancing, a silent auction, and a buffet dinner. After the March 2008 primary county convention, attended by over 4,000 Democrats, the Gala was one of the most significant gatherings of Democrats in the county in many years. (Inaugural Gala Pictures Here and Here)

The rapidly rising profile of the TDWCC is particularly note worthy in Collin County, which for decades has been a near exclusive base of power the GOP in Texas. The Dallas Morning News notes that the group's rise, "is the latest signal that Dallas' affluent and politically important northern suburbs are becoming more competitive." The TDWCC saw it's membership jump in the days following the combined Inaugural Gala, fundraiser and membership drive event.

The TDWCC meets regularly on the fourth Monday of every month. All are welcome and encouraged to attend the monthly meetings - even men.

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