Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Voters Like Obama, But May Not Show up at Polls

The Wall Street Journal
OCTOBER 1, 2008

Nationwide poll of Americans who are eligible to vote for the first time, or who skipped the previous election but are registered now, found that they back Sen. Obama over Sen. John McCain by a margin of 61% to 30%.

The survey, conducted by the Wall Street Journal, NBC News and the MySpace networking Web site, also found these voters have distinctly more positive impressions of Sen. Obama than any of the other three candidates atop the Democratic and Republican tickets...

But that hardly means the Obama campaign can count on them. When asked to rank their interest in the Nov. 4 election, just 49% said they were "very interested." By comparison, 70% of voters of all age groups said they were "very interested," according to a separate Journal/NBC News national poll taken a week ago.

Moreover, 54% of the new voters said they would definitely vote Nov. 4.

The findings of the survey underscore the opportunities and the hurdles that face the Obama campaign. It has spent millions of dollars to register voters, as well as on plans to get them to the polls.

Traditionally it has been highly difficult for campaigns to get newly registered voters, especially young ones, to show up on Election Day.

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Help Get Out The Vote (GOTV)

The poll sited in the WSJ article above is why we must help by volunteering to urge potential voters to GOTV through Phone Banking and Block Walking to personally urge people to vote.

The Democratic Party of Collin County, Texas Democratic Women of Collin County and the Obama Campaign Org of Collin County have pooled their GOTV planning efforts for the next month. All you have to do to help GOTV is to go one of the event calendars and RSVP for a "Phone Bank" or Block Walk event.
  • Democratic Party of Collin County - click here for the calendar, pick an event and then RSVP
  • Obama Campaign Org of Collin County - click here for the calendar, pick an event and then RSVP

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