Saturday, September 20, 2008

Yes, Republicans Can Like Obama Too

Yes, Republicans Can
Mother Jones
September/October 2008 Issue

At the grassroots, the "Republicans for Obama" movement has been growing for a while.

According to Steve Robin, a land-use attorney in Leesburg, VA, who describes himself as an independent, his conservative friends have been surprisingly open to Obama's candidacy, in large part due to the senator's "distinctive personality" and "the strength of his charisma." "Dyed-in-the-wool Republicans are saying Obama is not that awfully bad," he says.

In late June, Obama's campaign manager, David Plouffe, told reporters that he expects to put significant effort (read: money) into the fight for states like Virginia, noting that if Obama wins Iowa in addition to the states won by John Kerry in 2004 he could reach the White House by bagging just a couple more medium-size swing states. And, Plouffe added, in purple states like Virginia the campaign will be relying on Republican and independent Obama enthusiasts to proselytize to friends and relatives as part of a "persuasion army."

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